Berner Product lineup


committed to quality principles for over 70 years

Our long-term success has grown along with our trusted history. From a family owned dairy
product processor based on a European heritage of quality, we have grown and diversified
into a leading producer of dips, cheese sauces, aerosol cheeses, and the best-selling
beverage items on the shelf today.


Berner begins when Arnold Kneubuehl starts making locally sourced natural Swiss cheese. Quality Assurance is there at the very start, for fundamental consumer-pleasing taste & complete product safety.


With our first R&D person onboard, we develop and manufacture a new product—hot-fill retail processed cheese, the catalyst of our private label business.


Aerosol cheese in a can joins our product line, adding more business–and more fun!


We add retort processing & make our way
into the snack aisle, with shelf stable
salsa con quesos & more.


We make a splash when we introduce canned & bottled milk-based beverages and begin to offer contract manufacturing.


Berner Food & Beverage is the leading U.S. producer of private label aerosol cheese, jar cheese, retort salsa con queso & shelf stable dips, retort iced latte, and coffee energy beverages.